Daylillies galore!

We were so excited to fill the bed of the truck with daylillies that I split last fall, a couple of magnolia seedlings, and six golden raintrees that were all jammed into one pot.   However, after  digging the fifth hole in the packed Georgia clay, “How exciting” turned to “What were you thinking?”   I dug a couple more holes by hand while waiting for hubby to return from Tractor Supply and then had him use the auger to turn the soil for the remaining plants.   I guess I could have used the tractor myself, but I haven’t been on it since November and I’ve never used the auger, so I wasn’t comfortable experimenting without supervision and the encouragement that hubby and BIL always provide.
I ended up planting over 40 plants, some of which you can see here, and all were doing well on Wednesday when I last saw them.  I’m sitting here typing at 2:00 a.m. hoping that the storm that woke me up hasn’t washed them all down to the creek!
Hubby installed fence pickets and H-braces on Wednesday while I shopped and then wandered around the woods looking for cedar and dogwood trees to save.  Some had been knocked over during the tree thinning while others were covered in vines.  Now, I love Carolina Jessamine, but I love dogwoods more.  Then there are the spiny vines that not even their own mother could love — they just have to go regardless of what they are!   They’ve been tangling themselves around my feet, snagging my boot laces, and scratching me for long enough and I’ve declared all-out war on them.
So here we are, almost at the end of the week with few things from our list completed, but still so much accomplished.  We now have kitchen cabinets where the table in the RV used to be with a newly-polyurethaned counter-top/shelf on top of them.  (Finally we have somewhere to store food and miscellaneous kitchen stuff.)
Yesterday was hubby’s bee-check day, and I stuck around BIL’s farm, hung out with the dog and graded essays.  Back in South Carolina, our new bees and our old hives are thriving, and our trees from Arbor Day are sprouting leaves.    Of course, with the memory of the 40+ plants planted this week, I don’t even want to think about the 43 trees from Arbor Day, the 25+ golden raintree seedlings, or the 15 magnolia seedlings that will all have to be dug in this fall — at least not until the memory of just how hard the soil is here fades a little!


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