16oz honey with drip free lid. All of our honey is harvested from hives on our farm in West-Central Georgia. We place honey supers on hives at the start of the spring nectar flow for our wild-flower honey. We replace those supers in June for our sourwood honey.

2020 Wildflower honey will be available August 1st and costs $10.00 per 16oz bottle.

2020 Sourwood honey will be available August 1 and costs $16 per 16oz bottle.

Email us if you would like information about bulk discounts for 6 or more bottles.
Itch Soother SalveOur Itch-Soother Salve is the best thing we have found to treat our frequent bee stings! Customers have also reported that it works well on mosquito, tick and fire-ant bites.

The salve contains olive and castor oils infused with chickweed, chamomile, calendula blossoms, thyme, comfrey root, marshmallow root, and essential oils. After 3 weeks, the infused oil is combined with melted beeswax to form a solid salve.

Each 10 ml tin contains approximately one ounce of salve and costs $5.00.

Chamomile Castile Soap.
This soap is an excellent choice for sensitive skin. We start with an infusion of dried chamomile flowers and olive oil. After three weeks, this is combined with beeswax and a lye solution to create a gentle soap that can sooth irritated skin.
Honey Spice Soap.
This soap is Hubby’s favorite. It contains olive oil, honey, beeswax, cinnamon, nutmeg, and lye.
Coming soon – Calendula Castile Soap and Lavender Castile Soap.
Lotion Bars.
Our massage lotion bar is made with oils and butters that melt around body temperature and absorb quickly. It contains beeswax, cocoa butter, and sesame oil. While scented versions are available by special order, the cocoa butter has a subtle chocolate smell that most customers prefer.