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Our products are made using honey and beeswax from our apiary in Woodland, Georgia. We use organic oils and herbs from our garden in our soaps, lotions, and salves.  When necessary, we purchase herbs from Monterey Bay Spice Company

We do not use chemical herbicides or pesticides on our farm, and our honey is raw and unfiltered.


We typically harvest honey in June and July. Our wildflower honey is harvested first and contains spring tree and flower pollen and nectar. Our sourwood honey is harvested in July and contains mainly sourwood nectar and pollen.


Our soaps are handmade in small batches using organic oils and products from our beehives and gardens.

All soaps are made with lye and have been cured. Sample sizes are available for some soaps.

Beeswax and Candles

We use wax honey cappings in our soaps and lotions as this is always new, white wax. Our other wax from beehives goes through a multi-step refining process resulting in a yellow wax that sometimes retains a honey fragrance. All of our wax is filtered through layers of felt to remove as many particles as possible.


We offer a variety of pure beeswax candles that are made from beeswax refined from our hives.


We sell refined beeswax in one pound blocks and one ounce bars for $1.00/ounce.

  • Itch Soother Salve