About Us

We are two teachers who love the outdoors and who will retire in 2025. We plan to spend what time we can until then preparing our land and future home for a productive retirement that involves farming, canning, bees, wood working, and, most importantly, spending time with family.

We spend much of our free time commuting between our farm in Georgia and our city jobs in South Carolina. In the past two years, we made ourselves a temporary home in an old FEMA RV that needed extensive repairs when we bought it! We are now moving to phase two – putting in the foundation for and then building the house.

While doing this, we are building our apiary business and learning about bees. Hubby already has his beekeeper certification and is working toward becoming a journeyman and then master beekeeper. I will take my initial certification test just as soon as I can fit it into my schedule!

We love what we do, and we love what we’re learning. We hope to share a little knowledge, a little fun, and our dreams with you.

Check out our apiary website at www.LazerCreekApiary.com